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Growing your business from a small to medium size company is often a turbulent time for even the most accomplished entrepreneur. The Levels is my tried and tested model focussing on overcoming the challenges faced by business owners across the world.   Teamed with my extensive knowledge and real world experience The Levels will challenge you and change your entire way of thinking!

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The Levels focuses on challenges faced by business owners between the small to medium size transition- often a turbulent time for even the most accomplished entrepreneur!

Keep it simple……

When I was flicking through the TV channels one evening recently I came across a rerun of a  programme titled ‘Wonders of the Universe’ where Professor Brian Cox reveals how the fundamental scientific principles and laws explain not only the story of the universe but also answer one of mankind’s greatest questions – “Where did we come from?” Now that sounded an understated claim and a bit of light viewing before bed! Unfortunately, I quickly became engrossed and before I knew an hour had flown by as he revealed the wonder of the universe. It was clear that Brian’s purpose was not to complicate the underlying principles which are undoubtedly complex but to pass on his understanding in a concise and simple way. What Brian did was take that complex subject and made it simple so that even I could understand it. Brian’s use of everyday language allows his audience to understand. We aren’t bemused by technical jargon. His communication style is clear, straight forward and to the point. No doubt when talking to fellow scientist he uses complicated scientific concepts that  would be unintelligible to a layperson, like me. Brian’s key to success is his skill of using language appropriate to his audience. He is a great communicator, he passes on his understanding so that in turn his audience can understand. Surely, in business that must be the holy grail. To clearly communicate our message simply to our target audience. Never to over complicate. However, the next day I realised that in business the direct opposite is so often true. I so often see and hear people doing... read more

Here are the three keys to commercial success.

What’s the difference between ventures that commercially fly and those that barely get off the ground? I’m sure like me you will have had successes and also some failures over the years. At the end of the day nothing in this life is for certain and business is a risk. So here are the three fundamental keys I have found that differentiate success from failure when starting a new venture. 1. The Idea Well let’s start with the obvious. How good is the idea? Not just to you but to your target market, so do your research and understand what is needed. Don’t rely on friends and relations to give you feedback on the idea as they are not going to be impartial. You need to know right up front that your idea is not just good, it’s GREAT from the customers point of view. Now I’m sure you have had some great ideas in the past that have not seen the light of day so the next step is to have… 2. Confidence How confident are you about this great idea? It may be a great idea but are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is? Financial investors want to see commitment to an idea. Why, because they want to be confident in your confidence! Think about programmes like Dragon’s Den and how often the dragons run for the hills when they learn the person in front of them has equity but is not prepared to put it at risk. It shows a lack of confidence. At the end of the day if you do... read more

How to get the right people doing the right things right.

If you could ‘sack’ everyone within your team or company today (without fear of tribunal, notice or termination payments or indeed without any other repercussion) who would you re-employ tomorrow? Now that may bring a wry smile to your face or a serious frown but read the question again and then go through your whole team one at a time. The decision to re-employ has to be without qualification. No get out of jail cards like:- ‘I wouldn’t want to employ her again but she brings in 75% of the sales!’ ‘I definitely wouldn’t want to employ him but he’s family!’ The answers from this question may be uncomfortable but the awareness will be worth the discomfort. As a business grows it becomes necessary to create a more formal structure and appoint managers to take on some of the responsibility of running the business. Who better than the loyal and trusted employees who have helped the business owner in the early stages of growth to take on more responsibility. Over the years I have seen so many companies being run by these ‘home grown managers’. Home grown managers are the life blood in the early stages of a growing business. They hold the culture, knowledge and understanding of the business. However, when the business is ready to scale it can start to outgrow the ‘home grown managers’. Feeling more and more out of their depth these managers resist change to maintain the status quo and protect their position. From a business owner’s point of view, the temptation can be to blame the old guard and to look to introduce... read more