About Ray Moore

Ray Moore is a successful business owner, business coach, investor, blogger and author of the popular business growth book ‘Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?’


Ray Moore is the owner and founder of Fluid Business Coaching based in Chelmsford, Essex; Ray and his team have been helping business owners achieve long-term sustainable wealth for over 14 years.

Fluid Business Coaching works with ambitious business owners that want to increase profits, implement structure, build teams and become accountable for achieving their dreams and finding the perfect work/life balance.

“Business Owners all over the country have asked me my secrets to business success, well here it is for you to read, enjoy, challenge and succeed with”

Ray has found undisputed success within the family business sector and is a highly regarded mentor to multiple business owners going through some of the most sensitive and complex challenges any business can face.

Ray grew up in Greenwich, London (UK). Encouraged to follow  a ‘normal’ career path, Ray qualified as an accountant and worked for a diverse range of businesses. Then in his early 30s became Financial Director for a privately owned Engineering Group employing 330 people. He realised that his passion lay in the fast paced world of business ownership which began his journey of owning, building and selling multi-million pound businesses.

Following the successful sale of his last trading company in 2002 whilst looking around for new opportunities, Ray experienced helping business owners achieve their dreams and his passion for business coaching was born.

Now, leading a successful professional practice of coaches, Ray and his team are inspired to help all businesses using The Levels Framework.

Throughout his exciting and sometimes turbulent experience of business ownership Ray developed a true understanding of the difficult transition of growth from a small enterprise to a large company. Ray realised that there is little understanding of how to grow a balanced business through this transition and found that many business owners give up.

Having experienced these common pitfalls himself and achieving great success, Ray was approached regularly by the business community asking “how did you do it?”

Now, after 14 years of successfully implementing The Levels Framework through coaching, Ray wants to spread this to the wider business community.