How to become a great business leader

In a previous blog post I wrote about how many business owners believe they should lead from the front, as “only the lead dog in a dog sled team gets a change of view” or indeed the clearest view.

But, in reality, that lead dog is doing all the work and can’t see what’s going on behind them. It’s the person at the back of the sled that has the time and energy to motivate and direct the team. Which got me thinking about what makes a good leader and there are two attributes that great leaders have in common:



Inspiring people and enrolling a team is a key leadership skill. Getting people to see your vision and move in the same direction as you, because they want to, not because they have to. A true leader will inspire their team to want to achieve the same goals as them. It’s the multiplier effect; one plus one equals more than two when everyone is moving in the same direction.


Surrounded with a likeminded team

Building the right team is another important part of being a leader. The aim is not to create followers, but to create more leaders that share your vision and values and contribute to your company’s culture. But you, as the business owner, need to ensure that the team is achieving goals and milestones along the way. It’s important to understand though, not everyone does share the same values as you. It’s your job to establish who does and who does not!


Not everyone is a born leader, but by having your end in mind and inspiring the team around you, you will be able to seize your role as the business leader. A shared vision is the strongest vision and once your team are on board the journey begins!


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