How to get the right people doing the right things right.

If you could ‘sack’ everyone within your team or company today (without fear of tribunal, notice or termination payments or indeed without any other repercussion) who would you re-employ tomorrow?

Now that may bring a wry smile to your face or a serious frown but read the question again and then go through your whole team one at a time.

The decision to re-employ has to be without qualification.

No get out of jail cards like:-

I wouldn’t want to employ her again but she brings in 75% of the sales!’

‘I definitely wouldn’t want to employ him but he’s family!’

The answers from this question may be uncomfortable but the awareness will be worth the discomfort.

As a business grows it becomes necessary to create a more formal structure and appoint managers to take on some of the responsibility of running the business. Who better than the loyal and trusted employees who have helped the business owner in the early stages of growth to take on more responsibility.

Over the years I have seen so many companies being run by these ‘home grown managers’.

Home grown managers are the life blood in the early stages of a growing business. They hold the culture, knowledge and understanding of the business. However, when the business is ready to scale it can start to outgrow the ‘home grown managers’.

Feeling more and more out of their depth these managers resist change to maintain the status quo and protect their position.

From a business owner’s point of view, the temptation can be to blame the old guard and to look to introduce ‘professional’ mangers from outside. However, latest research shows that this can rip out the founding drive and determination at the heart of many growth companies and can have a long term negative impact.

What’s the solution?

Well the first step is to be aware of the situation. Realise that being a manager is not just a change in title. It is the biggest development leap that most individuals are asked to make in their working career.

So, take the time to involve them in their own future. Perhaps some, when asked, may not want to grow but give them the opportunity to step up.

Ultimately the aim must be to get the right people doing the right things right.

Not just some but all the people.

So review that list again

Is that individual the right person in their current role and are they aligned to your values.

Or is it a skills issue that could be solved by training, or an attitude issue needing coaching or moving the individual to a more appropriate role?

If not, perhaps it is time to find that right person externally.

Do you have all the right people doing the right things right?*

*Verne Harnish- SCALING UP: How a Few Companies Make It…. and Why the Rest Don’t 2014


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