The Levels Books on!

The Levels Book on AudibleI am delighted and excited to announce that my popular business book series ‘The Levels’ is now available in audio format on – both of my books are now live on Amazon and Audible.

The Levels: Can Your Business Step Up To The Growth Challenge on Audible

The Levels: Can YOU Step Up To The Growth Challenge on Audible

I’ll be honest with you. As a business owner and author, I have spent so much time, blood, sweat and tears writing my books that the thought of recording them as audio books for was pretty daunting for a while!

Much like when a tired, stressed and demotivated business owner arrives at my coaching office but leaves on-track and motivated about their business; the process of recording the books was so much fun, it made me fall in love with ‘my business (of writing)’ all over again.

So I hope you enjoy listening to both of the books as much as I enjoyed recording them for you.

You can get started with for free here.


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Using The Levels Framework, I help business owners achieve long-term sustainable growth using strategies I used successfully for many years.

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